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aluminum alloys used in aerospace industry

The impetus for the development of aluminum alloys used in aerospace industry comes from two aspects: on the one hand, the continuous improvement of aircraft performance requires more and better aluminium materials, which is the pull of market demand; on the other hand, the development of material technology.

In the initial stage of aerospace industry, aluminum alloys used in aerospace industry are required to have as high static strength as possible to reduce structural quality, increase load or extend voyage. During this period, the superhard Al 7075 T6 alloy with high strength was successfully developed in 2014 2017 2024 T3 alloy and during World War II, followed by 7178 T6 alloy with higher strength.

In the high corrosion resistant alloy stage of the development of aerospace industry, stress corrosion cracking occurs in airframe due to the application of thick and large cross-section structure in aircraft. Therefore, not only high static strength but also strong stress corrosion resistance of aluminium materials are required. For this reason, 7075 T73 alloy and 7075 T76 alloy have been successfully developed, aluminum alloys used in aerospace industry can meet the requirements of stress corrosion resistance and reduce the tensile strength of Rm.

In the comprehensive performance stage of aerospace industry development, high toughness of aluminium material is required. American aluminium lathe workers developed 7475 alloy, and later introduced 7050 T74 alloy, 7150 T6 alloy and 2324 T39 thick plate alloy.

At the stage of high quality reduction and reliability in the aerospace industry, 7150 T77, 7055 T77 and 2524 T3, those aluminum alloys are used in aerospace industry. The appearance of these high performance aluminium alloys has greatly promoted the development of aviation aluminium alloys, and consolidated the position of aluminium alloys in aircraft manufacturing.

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