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7050 Aluminum round bar rod

7050 Aluminum round bar rod belongs to high strength heat-treatable alloy, aviation superhard aluminum alloy, high strength, good wear resistance, high strength, anti-spalling corrosion and stress corrosion cracking resistance.
7050 Aluminum round bar rod is mainly used to manufacture aircraft structures and other high-stress structural components with high strength and corrosion resistance, such as aircraft upper, lower wing panels, trusses, etc. After solution treatment, it has good plasticity, good heat treatment strengthening effect, good strength below 150 degrees, especially good low temperature strength, poor weldability and stress corrosion cracking tendency. It is also widely used in die processing. Machinery and equipment, fixture, aerospace industry, blow moulding (bottle) mould, ultrasonic welding mould, golf ball head, shoe mould, paper mould, foaming mould, dewaxing mould, mechanical equipment, used to make high-end aluminum alloy bicycle frame. It will be used as the fuselage material of OPPO N3 smartphone for the first time in 2014.

Mechanical properties
Tensile strength_b (MPa): > 560
Elongation stress P0.2 (MPa): > 495
Elongation rate (%): > 6
Quality characteristics
Density: 2.90g/cm.
Strength: alloy (bare) and aluminium alloy clad, O state: 152 MPa (22ksi);
Alloy (bare) T6, T7451: 331 MPa (48ksi);
Aluminum alloy T6, T7451 state: 317 MPa (46ksi).
Hardness: O state: 60HB; T6, T7451 state: 150HB;
Elastic modulus: tensile: 71.0 GPa (10.3 x 106 psi), shear: 26.9 GPa (3.9 x 106 psi), compression 72.4 Pa (10.5 x 106 psi)
Fatigue Strength: T6, T7451, T73 State: Smooth specimens without notches circulated 5 x 108 times in R. R. Moore test, 159 MPa (23ksi)

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