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The main transport planes produced in China are: Yun 5, Yun 7, Yun 8, Yun 10, Yun 11, Yun 12, C919, ARJ21, Yun 20, etc. Yun10 is the first large passenger aircraft designed and manufactured by China. ARJ21 is the first regional aircraft developed by China with fully independent intellectual property rights.
The main aerospace aluminium alloys used in Y8 prototype are 2A12, 7A04, etc. Domestic pre-stretching plate 2112 was used. Later, 2024 aluminium alloy plate and 2124, 7050 aluminium alloy thick plate were used to meet the need of aircraft modification.
The material selection of ARJ21 new branch airplane is mainly aluminium alloy, reaching 75%, structural steel and stainless steel 10%, composite material 8%, titanium alloy 2%, other materials 5%. The aluminium alloy selected by ARJ21 airplane is basically the same as that of B777 airplane, and the fourth generation high strength and damage-resistant aluminium alloy with good comprehensive performance is selected in the main structure of airplane. The lower wing panels are made of 2524-T3, 2324-T39 aerospace aluminum alloys with high damage tolerance, and the upper wing panels are made of 7150-T7751, 7055-T7751 pre-stretched thick plates with high strength and corrosion resistance. 7150 alloy is also widely used in wing beam, fuselage truss, fuselage frame, partition frame, upper wing truss, wing rib and wing beam. In addition, ARJ21 aircraft also selected 7075, 7050, 2024 and other alloys, but the amount is not large.
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